Who we are

For almost 20 years we have been active on the IT services market. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained during this time, we can offer a number of unique services provided at reasonable prices and with a guarantee of top quality. We specialize in the repair of equipment components and therefore we can decrease repair costs. Besides, in many cases this is the only possibility in terms of repair due to the unavailability of entire modules or subsets. Our cooperation with leading manufacturers provides us with the access to the latest knowledge, spare parts and tools. Our staff is a close-knit team of highly experienced specialists, who have participated in a variety of training sessions organized by leading IT companies. Apart from common repair operations, our offer also comprises inspection and start-up services as well as special orders. We provide our customers with both payable and warranty services (for certain products). Our service centre situated in Bielsko-Biała renders services to customers from throughout Poland and the neighbouring countries. Contracts concluded with courier companies facilitate the cheap and quick collection of equipment from the customer and also its smooth return after repair.

We are aware of customer concerns about sending equipment for repair. Therefore, for a long time now we have been offering free diagnostics and repair cost estimates to make the customer feel reassured that he will not be exposed to unexpectedly high repair costs.

As regards large devices and demanding customers, we render on-site service, i.e.: at the customer’s premises, throughout Poland. We are supported in the fulfilment of orders by our branch in Krakow and a number of partner companies all over Poland. Our offer is aimed at both companies and individual users. We ensure a shortened reaction/repair time or replacement equipment for even the most demanding of customers.