Power supply systems

From the very beginning of our operations we have dealt in UPS systems. Currently we are an authorized service of APC and eMeRsON. In all, more than 20 000 UPS devices have passed through our service. Our years of experience are testament to the high quality of our repairs. We possess the knowledge and resources in terms of spare parts which allow us to respond quickly and repair devices effectively.

Our customers, being aware of the importance of reliable supply, take care of the equipment and submit to periodic reviews on a regular basis, which allow us to note in advance potential problems and avoid power supply failure when it is least expected. During the review we check all crucial elements of UPS, analyse logs of its operation, and advise on replacement of consumables (fans, PSU, batteries). UPS review is also a good opportunity to load the latest software and simulate the principles of how to proceed in highly critical situations with the customer.

Batteries are an inseparable component of UPS systems. Regular reviews and the proper working environment are good practice for all who take care of their life cycle. When a replacement battery is necessary, a customer can select batteries from various manufacturers. From experience we know that simply choosing the cheapest ones is a false economy. Currently we offer CSB batteries which have never let us down, however we are able to supply batteries from any manufacturer at the customer’s request. We even give a 12-month warranty on repairs provided.